Supportive System

The Institute of Physics

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  • Laboratory of Microfabrication
  • Research on Electronics and instrument for physical application, optical and chemical analysis
  • Library
  • Computer Center
  • High-Tech Industry

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Laboratory of Microfabrication  
Based on the urgent demand on research of condensed matter physics in nanoscale, the Laboratory of MicrofabricationLMFwas established and operated formally in 2003, after one year preparation, construction of cleanroom and installation of equipments.

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The Library provides quality document information services to the scientists within the institute.

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Computer Network Center  
The Computer Network Center is responsible for the construction and maintenance of network environment of the institute; developing and managing the Institute homepage.

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Department of Electronics and Scientific Instrument

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This group provides electronics supports and Scientific Instrument buildup


Department of Analysis and Measurement

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This group provides chemical composition analysis, optical spectrum analysis services and liquid nitrogen and liquid helium.


The Factory mainly serves the laboratories of the Institute. It can undertake many kinds of complicated processes.

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