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A Name email ext room

Accounts  9252 D-206
B Name email ext room
blem Ms. Xia, Yin 9359 D-B01
C Name email ext room

Chinese Physical Society

Ms. Gu, Dongmei   9019 D-920
Chinese Physics Ms. Zhang, Zhiying   9294 C-409
Chinese Physics Letters Mr. Wu, Jianlao   9490 C-403
Conference Facilities Ms. Tang, Bing  9361 D-208
D Name email ext room

Director of IoP

Mr. Wang, Yupeng  9469 D-804
Deputy director Mr. Feng, Ji  9127 D-214
Deputy director Mr. Sun, Mu  9220 D-216
Deputy director Mr. Lu, Li  9151 D-914
Deputy director Mr. Gao, Hongjun  8035 BII217
F Name email ext room
Funding (International) Mr. Chen, Xiji  9363 D-208
G Name email ext room
Graduate school Ms. Suo, Aiguang  9129 D-204
H Name email ext room
Head, Finance Ms. Wang, Fang 9252 D-207
Head, Personnel Ms. Di, Naili 9125 D-204
Head, Library & Information Services Ms Zhu, Qilun  9596 D-801
Head, National Lab for Superconductivity        
I Name email ext room
IT Service and Support Ms. Hou, Xuhua

Mr. Guo, Feng  9095 D-809
IT Service and Support for website Ms. Li, Miao  9095 D-809
International Center for Quantum Structures Ms. Deng, Ying 9414 D-709
J Name email ext room
Job Opportunities Mr. Zhou, Mingbo   9125 D-204
K Name email ext room
Key Laboratory of Optical Physics Ms. Gao, Yuan 9442 A-331
Key Laboratory of Extreme Conditions Physics Ms. Miao, Shanshan 9152 D-616
L Name email ext room
Library Enquiry Desk Ms. Zhang, Haixia  9596 D-801
Laboratory of Soft Matter Physics Ms. Fan, Wei  9565 D-520
Laboratory of Condensed Matter Theory and Materials Computation Ms. Deng, Ying 9414 D-709
Laboratory of Microfabrication Ms. Jin, Aizi 8198 C-211
N Name email ext room
National Lab for Superconductivity Ms. Liu, Jun  9167 D-104
Nanoscale Physics and Devices Laboratory Ms. Feng, Yalan 6255-1106 A-240
O Name email ext room
Overseas study Ms. Zou, Wei   9365 D-208
S Name email ext room
State Key Laboratory of Magnetism Ms. Zhang, Xiangqun  9253 B-222
State Key Laboratory for Surface Physics Ms. Zhou, Ying  9428 D-324

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