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Physics academicians email ext room

Chen,Liquan (professor of condensed matter physics) 9046 A-338
Fan,Haifu (professor of condensed matter physics) 9579 D-509
Kuo,KeHin (Researcher of Electron microscopy) 8010 D-905
Li,Fanghua (professor of condensed matter physics) 9170 D-511
Li,Yinyuan (Researcher of Electron microscopy)   9454 A-342
Liang,Jingkui (professor of condensed matter physics) 9084 A-346
Wang, Dingsheng 3698 D-707
Xie,Sishen (professor of condensed matter physics) 9081 A-336
Xu,Zuyan (professor of optical physics) 9186 A-337
Xue, Qikun (professor of surface Physics) 9561 D-735
Yang,Guozhen (professor of optical physics) 9292 A-238
Yu, Lu (Researcher of Condensed Matter Physics) 9325 D-620
Zhang,Dianlin (professor of condensed matter physics) 9240 D-903
Zhang,Jie (professor of optical physics) 9356 A-506
Zhang,Zong (professor of condensed matter physics) 9329 B-210
Zhao,Zhongxian (professor of condensed matter physics) 9190 D-420
Professors of Condensed Matter Physics email ext room
Bai,Haiyang (Extreme Condiction) 9583 D-919
Cai,JianWang (Magnetism) 9094 B-II 305
Cao, Lixin 8117 D-716
Cao,Zexian (surface Physics) 9136 D-741
Che,Guangcan (Superconductivity) 9591 D-727
Chen, Dongmin (Solid State Quantum Information and Computation) 8120 D-806
Chen,Genghua (Extreme Condiction) 8016 D-911
Chen, Hong (surface Physics) 9214 A-434
Chen,Xiaolong (Nanoscale physics) 9039 B-II 216
Cheng,Zhaohua (Magnetism) 8083 B-II 314
Chen, Zhaojia (Extreme condition) 9582 D-909
Dong,Cheng (Superconductivity) 9555 D-729
Du,Xiaolong (surface Physics) 8062 D-322
Duan,Xiaofeng (Electron microscopy) 8008 D-906
Feng,Ji  (Deputy Director of IoP) 9127 D-214
Gao,Hongjun (Nanoscale physics) 8035 B-II 217
Gao, Shiwu (surface Physics) 9575  D-912
Gu, Benyuan (Electron microscopy) 9560 BII-213
Gu,Changzhi (Microfabrication) 8197 C-206E
Guo,Qinglin (surface Physics) 9435 D-739
Han, Baoshan (Magnetism) 9248 BII-317
Han,Xiufeng (Magnetism) 9268 B-II 302
He,Yusheng (Superconductivity) 6262
Huang, Qi (surface Physics) 9214 A-434
Huang,Xuejie (Nanoscale physics) 8073 B-II 215
Jia,Jinfeng (surface Physics) 9286 D-737
Jiang,Fan (Soft matter Physics) 9578 D-517
Jin,Duo (Extreme Condiction) 9581 D-901
Jin,Changqing (Extreme Condiction) 9163 B-II 203
Jing, Xiunian (Extreme condition) 9153 D-609
Li,Jianqi (Electron microscopy) 9524 D-723
Li,Ming (Soft matter Physics) 905 D-535
Lu,Li  (Extreme Condiction / Deputy Director of IoP) 9151 D-914
Luo,Jianlin (Extreme Condiction) 9580 D-626
Mai,Zhenhong (Soft matter Physics) 9058 D-537
Meng,Qingbo (surface Physics) 9242 A-509
Qiu,Xianggang (Superconductivity) 9444 D-724
Rao,Guanghui (Electron microscopy) 8089 B-II 214
Shen,Baogen (Magnetism) 8082 B-II 312
Sun,Gang (Soft matter Physics) 9275 D-539
Sun,Jirong (Magnetism) 8075 B-II 303
Sun,Liling (Superconductivity) 9148 D-613
Sun, Mu (Deputy Directory of IoP) 9220 D-216
Tang,Weihua (Microfabrication) 8051 C-205E
Wang,Enge (surface) 9469 D-804
Wang,Fangwei (Magnetism) 9267 B-234
Wang,Nanlin (Extreme Condiction) 9584 D-917
Wang,Pengye (Soft matter Physics) 9570 D-531
Wang,Taihong (Nanoscale physics) 9481 C-304
Wang,Weichi (Soft matter Physics) 9497 D-533
Wang,Weihua (Extreme Condiction) 9198 D-908
Wang,Xuehua (Solid State Quantum Information and Computation 8101 D-409
Wang,Yunping (Extreme Condiction) 9572 D-915
Wang,Zhaoxiang (Nanoscale physics) 9050 A-233
Wen,Haihu (Superconductivity) 9474 D-725
Wu,Guangheng (Magnetism) 9260 B-II 315
Wu, Kehui  (surface Physics) 8130 D710
Wu, Xing (Nanoscale physics) 9370 BII-206
Xia,Ke (surface Physics) 9257 D-713
Xu,Hongxing (Soft matter Physics)   8013 D-718
Yan, Qiwei (Magnetism) 9265 BII-301
Yan,Xinzhong (Electron microscopy) 9322 B-II 201
Yu,Richeng (Extreme Condiction) 9195 B-II 204
Zhai,Guangjie 9098 C-202E
Zhan, Wenshan (Magnetism) 8084 BII-318
Zhang, Panlin (Magnetism) 8076 BII-304
Zhao,Bairu (Superconductivity) 9193 D-721
Zhao,Hongwu (Solid State Quantum Information and Computation) 8138 D-409
Zhao, Jiangao (Magnetism) 9259 BII-313
Zhao,Shiping (Extreme Condiction) 8017 B-122
Zhao, Tongyun (Magnetism)    
Zheng,Dongning (Superconductivity) 9187 D-722
Zhou,Fang (Superconductivity) 9526 D-102
Zhou,Junming (surface Physics) 9432 A-425
Zhou,Weiya 9381 B-II 202
Zhou, Xingjiang (Superconductivity) 8131 D910
Professors of Optical Physics email ext room
Chen, Zhenghao 9478 A-520
Cheng,Bingying 8105 A-529
Feng,Baohua 9354 A-348
Fu,Panming 8112 A-510
Jin, Kuijuan 8099 A-531
Li,Zhiyuan 8106 A-507
Lu,Huibin 9350 A-527
Nie, Yuxin 9002 B-417
Sheng,Zhengming 8114 A-505
Wang,Li 9339 A-516
Wei,Zhiyi 8115 A-504
Weng,Yuxiang 8118 A-502-2
Wu,Lingan 9334 A-315
Zhang,Daozhong 9068 A-332
Zhang, Zhiguo 8110 A-508
Zhou,Yueliang 8108 A-518
Professors of Theory Physics email ext room
Dai,Xi 8057 D-743
Fang, Zhong 8038 D-743
Liu,Banggui 9437 D-733
Liu,Wuming 9249 D-708
Shi,Junren 9518 D-749
Sun, Qingfeng 8018 D-745
Wang, Hanting 9269 D-706
Wang, Jiantao 9471 A-522
Wang,Yupeng (Director of IoP) 9345 D-705
Wu, Biao 9224 D-713
Xie, Xincheng 9280 D-709
Xu, Lifang 9257 D-704
Yu, Yanmei 8059 D-726
Professors of Soft Matter & Plasma Physics email ext room
Dou, Shuoxing (Soft matter Physics) 9563 D-907
Hou, Meiying (Soft matter Physics) 9089 D-503
Wang, Long (Soft matter Physics) 9137 C-210
Yang,Size (Soft matter Physics) 9135 C-101
Yang,Xuanzong (Soft matter Physics) 9132 C-208
Beijing National Laboratory of Condensed Matter Physics email ext room
Chen, Dongmin (Co-director of BJNL of Condensed Matter Physics) 8120  

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