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{ Superconductivity Modulated by Quantum Size Effects 04.12.15
{ Quantum memory and quantum teleportation, Prof. Eugene S. Polzik 04.11.12
{ Dilute ferromagnetic oxides and d0 ferromagnetism, JMD Coey 04.09.16
{ Carbon Nanotubes: Synthesis, Properties and New Directions  04.09.16
{ Efficient Visible Photoluminescence from Carbon Nanotubes in Zeolite Templates 04.08.31
{ Dichotomy between Nodal and Antinodal Quasiparticles in Underdoped La2 xSrx CuO4 Superconductors 04.08.25
{ Giant Lamb Shift in Photonic Crystals 04.08.25
{ Theory of the Kapitza-Dirac Diffraction Effect 04.07.15

 Three-dimensional diffraction microscopy and its applications in nanoscience and structural biology, Jianwei Miao 04.07.08

{ Magnetoelectronics to Spin Electronics: Applications in Magnetic Data Storage Industry, Sining Mao 04.07.07
{ Quantum Well Effects in Thin Films,Tai C. Chiang 04.07.02
{ The Physics of Nanotubes, Steven G. Louie 04.06.21
{ Exploring The World of Artificial Magnetism from Thin Films to Patterned Nanostructures, Carl Rau  04.06.08
{ Ferromagnetic-Superconducting Hybrid Systems, S. D. Bader 04.05.25
{ Ice Tessellation on a Hydroxylated Silica Surface 04.04.13
{ Adatom Ascending at Step Edges and Faceting on fcc Metal (110) Surfaces 04.03.23
{ First Principles Calculation of Anomalous Hall Conductivity in Ferromagnetic bcc Fe 04.03.04
{ Anomalous Propagation Loss in Photonic Crystal Waveguides 04.03.04
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