The Institute of Physics


The Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
P.O.Box 603,Beijing 100190,China


.A Brief Introduction

The Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, is a multidisciplinary institution whose research activity encompasses condensed matter physics, optical physics, atomic and molecular physics, plasma physics, and theoretical physics, etc. It has three state key laboratories (laboratories for magnetism, superconductivity, and surface physics), four open laboratories (laboratories for optical physics, electron microscopy, vacuum physics, and physics under extreme conditions) and other 4 institute-run laboratories (laboratories for soft matter physics, condensed matter theory and materials computation, Nanoscaled physics and devices, microengineering). The institute locates at Zhong-Guan-Cun, the High-tech zone, to the northwest of the city of Beijing, China.

The Institute of Physics is one of the most fruitful research institutions in China. In 1996 the center for condensed matter physics was grounded in the institute, and in 2003 the Ministry for Science and Technology decided to transform the institute into a national laboratory. The institute plays an active role in the physical research of China and has been carrying out many significant programs such the “973”, “863” projects, and those from National Natural Science Foundation of China and from the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The Institute of Physics has a very spirited research team which is able to perform competitive study in many forefronts of physics. It has a staff of 102 senior researchers, among which 13 Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Its physics education ranks number one in China. Since 1978, more than 800 postgraduates have won their doctor title and more than 200 young scientists have performed the postdoctrate research in the institute.

Young physics students from every corner of the world are welcome to join in the institute of physics, to continue their education and training as a post-graduate or postdoctor, thus to actualize their dream of being an outstanding physicist.

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