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5th Lecture Oct.20th,2008
4th Lecture Nov.08th,2007
3rd Lecture Sep. 12th,2006
2nd Lecture (PPT file for download)
1st Lecture

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147th Forums (3.31.2009)
Topic: Size-dependent Properties Nanocrystalline Anatase TiO2 Films
Lecturer: Prof. Hubert Gnaser
Time: 3.31.2009 10:00 A.M.

This lecture was established in
January, 2002. The Lecturers are
come from IOP.
6th Lecture of 2008
by Prof. Zhaohua Cheng
On March 24th
. Yu Lu Wins AIP Tate Medal
. 2nd Beijing-Grenoble Meeting on Condensed Matter Physics
. Noble Laureate Prof.Douglas Dean Osheroff Visit Our Institute
Latest Progress
Theory of Directed Nucleation of Strained Islands on Patterned Substrates
We develop a theoretical model to elucidate the nucleation of strained islands on patterned substrates. We show that island nucleation is directed to the preferred sites by a much lower energy barrier and smaller critical size. Strain relaxation directs island nucleation to the bottom of a pit rather than the top of a ridge as commonly perceived, while large surface energy anisotropy favors nucleation at both places. The theory explains some puzzling experimental results and provides useful guidelines for future experiments. (mroe...)
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